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Non-Union Voice (Voiceover) Talent for most Broadcast and Industrial recordings
(Commercials - Narrations - Message-On-Hold)

If you are a customer, you will be directed by email, which directory to access for your audio project.
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There are dozens of non-union voiceover artists listed on the web and most are honest, and talented.  There is also a wide range of prices to be found.  So how do you pick the correct voiceover talent for your project?  First, decide what your budget will allow.  Then find those who list their prices on the web, and select some who fit within your budget.  (If the prices aren't listed, you can assume relatively high rates.)  Second, listen to the samples that these artists post on their website.  If no samples are available, ignore them.  Find the person whose voice fits the image you want for your project.  Be sure the person you pick is fair.  For example, on this site, you will see that payment is not requested until the client is satisfied.  Some artists demand payment up front.   Many will also record a portion of your script for free, so that you can be sure that the final production will sound the way you want. (Yes, I do that, too, but so do many others.)  If you follow these guidelines, you should be well on the way to finding the perfect voice for your project.